Why do some tombstone installations fail ?

If a tombstone is not erected properly from the start, you might notice it starts to look dilapidated and lopsided after a while.

Our engineers have identified the following problems:

  • Kerbs out of alignment 
  • Tombstone collapsing into the grave 
  • Headstone tipping over 
  • Kerbs subsiding
  • Headstone tipping forward

Why are Elite Tombstone superior ?

Elite Tombstones are manufactured exclusively from the highest grade, best quality granite. This prevents cracks from developing at a later stage.

Our thoughtful design and structural integrity help avoid the above-mentioned failures:

  • Our technicians lay a foundation of pre-stressed concrete beams placed evenly and levelly over the grave area. This distributes the mass of the tombstone over the entire area of the plot, instead of only over the grave itself. These beams are concreted into position.
  • Elite kerbs are pre-assembled at the factory. Each corner is perfectly aligned and secured with steel pins, reinforced with specially developed German adhesive. This ensures a secure structure, strong enough to avoid misalignment in the event of the ground subsiding. It also prevents vandals from disassembling it.
  • The corners of our kerbs rest firmly on the base of pre-stressed concrete beams, ensuring a stable structure.
  • The ledger is accurately placed and glued to the kerbs, ensuring an integrated, tamper-proof structure.
  • The headstone is mounted in place and secured by the application of a German epoxy, silicone and cement.  In addition, Elite uses high-tensile steel pins to anchor the headstone to the base.