Headstone Inscriptions & Quotes

The tombstone you select for your loved one is a one-of-a-kind highly personalized tribute to a life well lived.  A headstone inscription transforms a traditional headstone into a more expressive tribute.  A personalized inscription shares a small piece of oneself with relatives and friends of the deceased as well as to the world and future generations.

We have provided both religious and non-religious headstone inscriptions.  Please feel free to borrow from our lists or prepare your own.

Here are a few things to think about when selecting a headstone inscription

  • Think of your loved one's life. Were there any famous quotes that they lived by? What about Bible verses? Bible verses are a great way to experience the Lord's comfort in these situations.

  • Think of the personality of the deceased. Some funny people or comedians request that their tombstone read something humorous. What was their life centered around? Reflecting on the personality of the deceased can really help you to come up with ideas for their tombstone.

  • How do you and the other survivors feel about the deceased? Another way to approach tombstone quotes is to write about how their family the rest of the world will remember your loved one. If the deceased had not made any previous arrangements for their death, this may be the easiest way to pick a quotation rather than trying to think of what they would have written themselves.



Headstone Inscriptions and Quotes 


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